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Whether its an established program or a new pilot, our volunteers are the core of our programming.  As a full volunteer, you will receive:
- A season's pass to your local ILSA resort partner

- Gear hookups from our sponsors: Oakley, 1910, Arcteryx and so much more...

- Mentoring and Training opportunities

How many days do I have to volunteer?
ILSA coaches are required to attend 80% of all Ilsa practices. Typically 6-8 days a season.  Great Value!

If I did not attend 80% of ILSA practices last season can I reapply? 

Unfortunately Not.  Due to funding, we have a limited amount of passes each year. We hold our volunteers to the same attendance requirements as our youth

I'm not a certified instructor or coach can I still apply? 

- Yes, as a non-certified instructor we need volunteers to ride as "tail gunners" as a coaches helper and we also require volunteers to stay at lodge to lend extra assistance.  non-certified volunteers receive day-passes instead of season passes for their effort

Volunteer requirements:

- Clean criminal record check

- Knowledge of Indigenous culture and trauma informed backgrounds are an asset

- 80% attendance

- Drug and Alcohol Free for all practices

- As a role model for our youth, we require our volunteers to stay in good community standing as reviewed by our board and Nation partners

Program Coordinator Roles

Paid positions for Area/Sport Leaders

For those who want to start and manage their own ILSAcrew pilot program. Whether its a school program or community based initiative there are opportunities to start a new ILSAcrew division in your area


- Self motivated and responsible

- Indigenous knowledge and trauma informed is a must

- Criminal record checks

- Sport and Activity certifications

- First aid is an asset

- Relationship with local Indigenous nations and/or a resort partner is necessary

Join to ILSAcrew

Which Division are you applying to?
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