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Culture Shifters 2023

This year marked the 2nd annual Culture Shifters presented by Burton Snowboards, Red Bull and Fat Tire. The hosts Selema Masekela and Zeb Powell sent a special invite to ILSA leaders Court "Blackbird" Larabee and Chelsie McCutcheon.

ILSA's Inspirational Voices: Shaping the Future at Culture Shifters

Culture Shifters isn't just about snowboarding; it's a stage for influential dialogues and inspiring stories. The 2022 event witnessed the profound impact of the Indigenous Life Sport Academy (ILSA), both on stage and behind the scenes, as they stirred thought-provoking conversations about the future of snow sports.

A Stage for Change: ILSA's Impactful Presence

ILSA, renowned for its commitment to inclusivity, took the spotlight at the Culture Shifters town hall assembly. The diverse audience eagerly awaited their insights, and what followed was nothing short of remarkable. ILSA's participation left an indelible mark, not just on the event but on the minds of those present.

Promoting Inclusivity Through Experience

What made ILSA's presence truly significant was its journey of transformation. Their leaders, who started as riders or volunteers, shared their personal stories of evolution within the organization. This journey resonated deeply with the audience, emphasizing that everyone has the power to effect positive change.

Shaping the Future of Snow Sports: Conversations that Matter

ILSA's representatives led profound discussions about snow sports, inclusivity, and environmental preservation. They didn't just discuss the sport; they discussed building a better world. They emphasized the importance of breaking down barriers, empowering youth, and shaping the future of snow sports.

A Brighter, Inclusive Future

ILSA's participation at Culture Shifters embodied the event's mission: to create a more inclusive and diverse snow sports community. Their contribution, beyond the slopes, underlines the event's commitment to ensuring snow sports is not just a pastime but a catalyst for positive change. As Culture Shifters continues to evolve, ILSA's involvement stands as a symbol of hope and a reminder that the future of snow sports is bright, inclusive, and brimming with possibilities.

Photos: Blackbird and Chelsie with ILSA supporters: Mark McMorris, Zeb Powell, Ben Clark and Keir Dillion

Check out Burton's video of the event here:

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