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  • Operating Since 2003

  • Formerly the First Nations Snowboard Team

  • Inducted into BC Sports Hall of Fame in 2018

  • Over 300+ active Indigenous youth each year

  • Creating role models for social change

  • Holistic Model

  • Indigenous Operated

  • 3 Generations of active members


3 Parts to our Nonprofit:  Clinics, Skateboard Donation Program and Free instructor and guide training

Current Activities: Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Alpine Hiking and Skiing

Potential Future Programs: Golf, Surfing, Horseback Archery and more...


Indigenous Life Sport Academy · Tuesday, June 21, 2020

Building upon 16 years of success as the First Nations Snowboard Team, our membership and our communities have driven the next evolution of our non-profit. We are no longer a competitive team, instead, we are focused on unstructured sports and activities that benefit the mental health and physical well being our members. These are sports that don't require a team or practice date so we can minimize barriers to participation and introduce our members to activities that help them cope with their daily lives and our shared inter-generational trauma.

ILSA provides year-round programming, free access to training/certification programs and the opportunity to learn a lifelong sport, in a safe place, with other indigenous sport leaders.

Mission Statement

Indigenous Life Sport Academy

"By providing Indigenous youth with unstructured and semi-structured sports alike, the Indigenous Life Sport Academy (ILSA) creates social change and development within Indigenous communities. ILSA provides Indigenous youth with opportunities to play, express themselves, improve both their mental and physical health, as well as learn skills such as snowboarding, skateboarding, biking, climbing, hiking, and golf that can benefit them long into their adult years. These healthy sport-based outlets assist in the relief of conscious and subconscious stresses induced by intergenerational trauma within indigenous communities."

ILSA crew member rock climbing
ILSA crew indigenous skateboarding team squamish nation
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